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uMRT Reverse Transcriptase

uMRT Reverse Transcriptase


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UltraMarathonRTTM Reverse Transcriptase Kit is designed to meet the evolving needs of the RNA research community. It is an ultra-processive reverse transcriptase that uses a single pass to create cDNAs from any type of RNA, including long, highly structured templates. Importantly, uMRT works optimally at ambient temperatures (20-42ºC) removing any need to heat the RT reaction which preserves the integrity of your RNA samples.

Used for gene expression, RT-PCR, qRT-PCR, and other first strand cDNA synthesis applications with RNA input as low as 0.1 pg.

UltraMarathonRT Reverse Transcriptase Kit components:

  • uMRT
  • uMRT Buffer
  • uMRT Boost
  • Nuclease-free water

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Reagents required but not supplied:
  • dNTP mix stock (10 mM each)
    • The dNTP mix contains premixed aqueous solutions of dATP, dCTP, dGTP and dTTP, each at a final concentration of 10 mM. High purity nucleotides (>99%) are recommended, and the pH should be adjusted to 7.0 with sodium hydroxide.
  • Oligo-dT primer, random primer or gene specific primer
  • RNA template: 1 pg-2 μg total cellular RNA or 1 pg-500 ng of mRNA are recommended for each reaction.

Storage conditions:  For short duration of storage (< 3 month), UltraMarathonRT can be placed in a -20℃ freezer. -80℃ is recommended for long-term storage. Note that UltraMarathonRT can endure 10 freeze-thaw cycles without losing noticeable activity. After 20 freeze-thaw cycles, UltraMarathonRT maintains 90% of its original activity.