UltraMarathonRT™ enables us to view the full complexity of RNA landscapes, enabling:
Discovery research
Gene expression and regulation research
Cell & gene therapy
Quality control in next-generation cell, gene, and RNA therapy vaccine programs
Diagnostics & surveillance
Diagnostics for oncology, rare and inherited disease, and infectious disease
Introducing UltraMarathonRT, the next-generation reverse transcriptase that provides greater visibility into low abundant, or long, structured RNAs and their various isoforms. UltraMarathonRT (uMRT) is a highly optimized group II intron RT that outperforms conventional MMLV and AMV RTs.

uMRT carries out ultra-processive, end-to-end cDNA synthesis with high fidelity. Individual uMRT molecules copy the entire transcript in a single pass, even 30 kb viral genomes.

uMRT’s unique intrinsic helicase activityrapidly unwinds complex RNA template structures without heating the reaction, thus preserving the integrity of your RNA sample.

Highly Structured RNA
Low-Abundance RNA

uMRT’s proprietary BOOST buffer dramatically improves cDNA synthesis from samples >1 pg compared to MMLV and AMV RTs. uMRT works optimally at ambient temperatures (20–40° C), which prevents degradation of your target RNAs.