RNAConnect Launches UltraMarathonRT™, an Ultra-Processive Next Generation Reverse Transcriptase

Branford, Connecticut, United States, May 28, 2024 – RNAConnect, a pioneering life science tools company, officially announced the commercial launch of UltraMarathonRT™ (uMRT), a next generation, ultra-processive reverse transcriptase. Available as part of a Reverse Transcriptase Kit and a Template Switching Kit, uMRT is a highly engineered RT that overcomes the limitations of existing reverse transcriptases by creating full-length cDNAs from any RNA template, including highly structured, exceptionally long (>20kb), or very low abundant RNAs. uMRT kits will be available on the www.rnaconnect.com website.

UltraMarathonRT™ has a unique profile that makes it ideally suited for the evolving suite of RNA research techniques. It has:

  • Ultra-processivity – uMRT efficiently copies highly structured RNAs of any length.
  • Template Switching – uMRT has natural terminal transferase activity allowing for simple and efficient template switching that provides greater 3’ to 5’ end coverage in RNA sequencing applications.
  • Ambient temperature activity – uMRT reactions are conducted between 20-42°C. These lower temperatures prevent the degradation of sensitive RNA templates
  • Unwinding power – uMRT’s natural helicase activity enables it to efficiently unwind complex secondary structures that cause other reverse transcriptases to stall.
  • Single-cycle reactivity – uMRT copies each RNA transcript end-to-end in a single pass without falling off. As a result, it provides an unbiased view of transcriptome diversity and positional information on RNA processing and modification variants.
  • Detection of natural RNA base modifications – uMRT detects RNA editing sites and post-transcriptional modifications.

One of the fundamental reasons for development of UltraMarathonRT was the need to generate accurate and complete sequencing libraries for applications such as RNA-Seq and long-read sequencing. In RNA-Seq experiments using human total cellular RNA, UltraMarathonRT detects 25% more genes than SuperScript II. UltraMarathonRT performs well on a wide variety of RNA templates including long, non-coding RNAs, accommodating those with unusual structures, modifications, and diverse characteristics. By incorporating this ultra-processive RT enzyme into diverse RNA sequencing pipelines, we have unleashed the ability to profile complex mixtures of long, structured RNA transcripts.

RNAConnect looks forward to sharing more information about UltraMarathonRT at the upcoming RNASociety Meeting in Edinburgh (May 28 – June 1). Please join us at our booth on the convention floor and learn more as we present the following posters:

  • Paving the way to advanced RNA-seq: The first mechanistic dissection of reverse transcriptase template switching behavior, including focused analysis on MarathonRT (P1-062
  • Analysis of RT performance during long RNA amplification at RNA input levels spanning seven orders of magnitude (P2-293)
  • Harnessing the template switching activity of UltraMarathonRT to expand the capabilities of RNA-Seq (P2-289)
  • Preserving the integrity of long RNA samples by conducting cDNA synthesis at ambient temperatures with UltraMarathonRT (P3-519)

About UltraMarathonRT Reverse Transcriptase Kit:

The uMRT Reverse Transcriptase Kit is designed to meet the evolving needs of the RNA research community. The uMRT RT Kit includes uMRT, uMRT Buffer, uMRT Boost (for efficient cDNA synthesis of low input RNAs), and nuclease free water.   

About UltraMarathonRT Template Switching Kit:

The uMRT Template Switching Kit can provide full length cDNAs in a simple reaction even when you do not know the sequences at either end of the RNA transcript. Its terminal transferase activity allows for template switching when used with the uMRT Template Switching Oligonucleotide. 

It is designed to capture low abundance RNA with high efficiency and sensitivity. Kit components include: uMRT, uMRT Buffer, uMRT Boost, uMRT Template Switching Oligonucleotide and the Template Switching Buffer.

About RNAConnect:

RNAConnect was founded by innovators in the RNA community, for innovators in the RNA community. By providing better enzymatic tools for visualizing and manipulating RNA, we can help our community discover, create, and innovate in ways previously not possible. For more information about RNAConnect and its offerings, to share your own ideas, or to place your first order of uMRT visit www.RNAConnect.com.

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